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Product Offering

We offer clients a one call service for ordering and coordination of deliveries to the desired address. Products are available in bulk as well in 1-ton bags upon special request.


We offer a very popular Micro Fine Dolomite (MFD) from our sources in Meyerton and Lyttelton – this is a premium product provided to the agricultural industry. We also offer a high quality product from Marble Hall – this is a natural dolomitic lime with favourable high Calcium value, again perfect for the agricultural market.

Please refer to the Product Data Analysis for detailed chemical compositions.

The products are produced by mined dolomitic rock that is processed and screened to ensure a fine Agricultural Lime. The MFD is produced by the drying and screening of metallurgical slimes that is generated by the washing process that occurs when crushing of the aggregates takes place. With state-of-the-art laboratories on site, samples are collected and tested on an on-going process to ensure that every load complies with the required standard.

As sole distributor with full exclusivity to Meyerton, Lyttelton and Marble Hall as of 2015, we will have an exceptional product offering for the agricultural market.

Sales Service

LimeCor offers a one call service for the ordering and coordination of Lime deliveries to the end user.

Our skilled logistics team handles all arrangements with trusted sub-contractors to consistently provide reliable and timeous delivery.